Properly and responsibly recycling the millions of fluorescent lamps that are generated each year is very important. Lamps contain harmful substances that when discarded improperly, can pose risks to our health and the environment. Fluorescent, Compact fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s), High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID’s), U-tube, and Mercury Lamps are all able to be accepted at our Colorado base facility. We process lamps though ERT’s Green Machine 2010-AF-LSU. This device is the only Operating Lamp Separation Machine equipped with an Emergency Mercury (Hg) Vapor Suppression System in the United States. This system provides complete protection for our Employees, Customers, and the Environment.

Recycling your lamps is easy with Region 8 Enviro LLC./ERT. We can provide containers for shipment for your lamps and we process your material in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations.

For more information regarding the recycling of lamps, please contact us