Region 8 Enviro LLC provides quality mold mitigation services to our customer base throughout the Rocky Mountain area.  The need for mold mitigation services are steadily increasing due to changes in building practices and materials.  Many times mold is discovered in the course of an asbestos abatement where ACM walls and ceilings are removed and lead to the discovery of a mold problem.  These factors, among others, have led Region 8 Enviro LLC to offer mitigation services.  We are licensed, insured and can provide referrals from our past projects.  We are customer service motivated and will provide you with state of the art work practices at affordable and competitive pricing.  We interact with property/home owners, insurance adjusters, industrial hygienists, and government regulators to comply with all appropriate guidelines and regulations.

In accordance with our health and safety program, all mitigation is conducted within containment aided by the use of respiratory protection and negative air pressure.  From start to finish, every mold mitigation project Region 8 Enviro LLC does is done with the convenience and health of the client in mind.  Our mold removal process begins with the sealing off of the work space using containment barriers, then proceeds with the following steps:

  • Air scrubbers are used to create negative pressure to limit particulate counts
  • Unsalvageable, visibly mold-impacted material is removed from work space
  • Salvageable material is hand-cleaned.
  • Surfaces are treated to remove remaining mold spores
  • Surfaces are treated to provide a barrier against future mold growth


We strive to be good communicators when we are hired to do the work.

For specific information regarding these services, please contact us.